Kung Fu – 4/6/2012 – Nietzsche’s – Buffalo,NY

Late Friday night (4/6/12), Kung Fu rolled into the Allen Street hotspot “Nietzsche’s,” in support of
their self-titled debut album, released in July 2011. They brought along hometown favorites, Rhubarb,
to open the show. When we arrived, the crowd seemed light, but before long it was a pretty
packed house. With a stage full of musicians from bands like Raq, The Breakfast and Deep Banana
Blackout, the jam and funk was expected to be plentiful. They played through a few songs off of the new
album to start the show off, and had the crowd dancing away. The crowd popped when the first
few notes of Steely Dan’s, “Kid Charlemagne” began. Tim Palmeri played through Larry Carlton’s guitar
solos flawlessly, leaving the crowd, as well as myself, completely in awe. The funk flowed on, as the night wound down, and before long the show was coming to an end. The band thanked the crowd for coming out, and went into their last song, finishing off a great night of jams. Hopefully this summer we get another class in Kung FU-nk!

By Cody