Funktional Flow – 5/18/2012 – Nietzsche’s – Buffalo, NY

Friday, If you were looking for a night of great music, Nietzsche’s was the place to be! The place was on fire with some great bands playing all night long. It was the un-official 2 year Anniversary show for the guys in Funktional Flow, and they brought along some great bands to help round out the bill. First up was Peanut Brittle Satellite, I was only able to catch the last song or two of theirs, but from what I saw, they were pretty great! They had a very progressive, experimental sound, and are a very tight group of musicians, I would definitely see them again.

In between sets, The Hydration Concept played the front of the house where “Band Named Sue” ususally resides in Nietzsche’s. They are a 3 piece group out of Pennsylvania, brought to us by Jason from Funktional Flow, as his brother is the drummer. It was their first gig, and they were awesome! They brought together some great jazzy and really jammy sounding instrumentals, and for their first gig I was seriously impressed. I see a great future ahead for these guys, and I hope to see them playing more around Buffalo.

The MKG’s were next, and they were yet another great band to take in. These guys took control of the room quickly, and had everyone dancing in no time. The lead singer/guitarist Mike Szczepanik, was full of energy, and laid out some great solos through the night, even throwing in a crowd-pleasing cover of Phish’s classic “Back on the Train.” The two guitarists play very well off eachother, and the rhythm section of this band is a powerhouse. Another must-see band in the ever growing Buffalo Jam scene.

After another great set-break set from THC, it was time to Flow. These guys are by far, my favorite band playing around Buffalo today! And no surprise, they were on fire, with a few guests too, becoming more and more of a regular thing with Funktional Flow, sharing the stage love. For the second song, through the rest of the set, they had keyboardist Kevin K. sitting in. He’s a regular around the scene from Grateful Dead cover band “Sonic Garden,” and also recently formed the Garcia Preservation Society, playing old Garcia Band songs. Also, they had local Tenor Sax great, Rob Browning sitting in for a few songs adding another great layer to their sound, and Jason’s twin brother, Justin Staniszewski sitting in on percussion, at one point bringing the number of musicians on stage to 7.

These collaborations are becoming more consistant, and it’s welcomed, bringing many more great sounds to the band. There was definitely something in the air that night, they were firing on all cylinders and the place was a hot dancing mess! The covers of Talking Heads “Life During Wartime,” Grateful Dead traditional “I Know You Rider,” and Pink Floyd’s “Run Like Hell,” were phenominal. This was the best I’ve seen them play, and after finishing the set with Moonlight Tide the place was definitely needing more. But alas, it was 2am, and we had to go with the flow. What a night!!

Next up for Funktional Flow is Friday 5/25/2012 at Mr. Goodbar on Elmwood, with Smooth Money Gesture out of Colorado supporting them. DO NOT MISS IT!

By Cody