Funktional Flow – June 2nd 2012 – Sullivan Hall – New York City, NY

Funktional Flow hit the road again this weekend, this time headed to New York City, for their 6th show in the Big Apple. BuffaloJams was invited along for the trip, and we gladly accepted that invite! The ride down was through pretty awful weather, but Saturday in Manhattan was a beautiful, sunny day for everyone to fully enjoy the city. This particular show, at Sullivan Hall in Greenwich Village, was dubbed “Funk-Fest” by promoters CEG, and the line-up was a varied mix of bands, none of which really represented the so called funk, other than Buffalo’s own Funktional Flow. The guys played a pretty straight forward version of “Perceptions of Reality” to start up the show, followed by a raging “Path Train,” a funky dance jam in which Guitarist/Singer Jason Staniszewski has an impressively unique lyrical flow throughout. Next they treated us to a great cover of Bob Dylan’s “Tangled up in Blue,” and of course they put their own brand of funk into it, making it their own. It was time for some reggae, as Flow’s other Guitarist/Singer Jeff Kuebler led us into “Ambush”, where Rob Browning, the groups Saxophonist seemed to finally settle in and find his groove for the night. “Ambush” turned into a rocking progressive sounding jam, featuring some great guitar play, as well as some killer stuff out of the rhythm section comprised of Ben Whelan on bass and Jim Edgar on drums, before smoothly returning back to its original reggae beat. They followed up with a very upbeat “Scenes Surrounding” that included a killer dark heavy jam, that then segued right into a rockin’ “Downtown” that had the place on their feet and grooving. One of my personal favorites was next, “Walking Blind” and what a treat, they never disappoint with this one, although the sound guy seemed to have dropped the ball, leaving bassist Whelan, a little too low in the mix. This was also a problem that seemed to plague the guitars throughout the night as well. “Teleportation” was next, a tune where both singers, Jason and Jeff swap turns on vocals, which then led flawlessly into “Moonlight Tide,” a Flow staple that had a great jamming finish. That also segued smoothly into “Land of Make Believe” a dark jam that had the place seriously captivated, including Michael Travis from the String Cheese Incident and dub-step/Electronica outfit EOTO, who happened to stop in for a while to catch some music after we met him in the street a few hours earlier. “LOMB” evolved into a sick middle eastern sounding jam, which ended with an outstanding “Streets of Cairo” tease. They then broke out “Dont You Forget About Me” from 80’s cult-classic film “The Breakfast Club,” which once again by the end they had made their own, with a long amazing jam ensuing, ending with Jason and Jeff on harmonies. Familiar Funktional Flow jam vehicle, “Gunther the Sabretooth” was next, another spot where Sax player, Rob Browning seemed to gain his footing again adding in some great layers along with Guitarist Jason Staniszewski laying out an absolutely ripping guitar solo during the jam. Flow finished their set out with Talking Heads cover “Life During Wartime,” a tune that the guys seem to like to break out semi-regularly, each time seeming a little tighter with it. Bassist Ben Whelan and drummer Jim Edgar were the MVP’s on this jam dropping the perfect beats, encouraging the place to dance their asses off as Kuebler tore into his guitar, shredding it with ease. A great way to end their set, leaving the place sweaty and wanting more. Another successful show for the boys of Funktional Flow in the “City That Never Sleeps,” definitely gaining some new fans! Thanks to the whole Funktional Flow Family for extending the invite my way, and the incredible hospitality all weekend! It was an amazing experience, and a perfect first road trip for! Here’s hoping for much more success in the future!! Next up for Funktional Flow is this Friday at DBGB’s on Allen St. in Buffalo. They’re sharing the bill with theCAUSE out of Pittsburgh. Saturday finds them playing “Toadfest 7” along with Slip Madigan, The MKG’s and Imperial Brown.

By Cody

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