Paul Thorn – June 19th 2012 – Sportsmens Tavern – Buffalo, NY

Bluesman Paul Thorn is currently out on tour in support of his newest album, “What The Hell is Going On” and Tuesday night (6/19/2012,) the tour stopped in Buffalo, NY at Sportsmens Tavern. This was a sold out show, and the place was packed out in anticipation for Paul’s return to Buffalo. It’s hard to put a label on Paul Thorn’s overall style, because his range is so wide. Throughout the night we heard a lot of the Blues, some Country songs, more Rocking tunes, and even a really funky sounding tune. Paul started the show out with “Mission Temple Fireworks Stand,” the title track off of his 2002 album of the same name. The energetic blues song set the mood for the rest of the evening, with many dancing to the tune, despite the heat already inside the bar. Paul told stories before each song, some about bad women, some about growing up and family, and showing his great sense of humor, telling many stories that had the whole place laughing.

One great story in particular, was about his father being a preacher, and his uncle being a pimp, followed by “Pimps and Preachers,” a song about everything learned from those two men. Paul’s band took a break, and left him to perform 2 or 3 songs acoustic for the crowd. He had some guitar problems and decided to go back to electric for the short solo set. He performed songs like “Junkin'” and “Shed a Little Light” alone, before bringing the band back for the rest of the set. Aside from Paul, his band consists of amazing blues slide guitarist Bill Hinds, keyboardist Michael “Dr. Love” Graham, and his super tight rhythm section of Jeff Perkins on drums and Ralph Friedrichsen on bass. Finishing the show out we heard tunes like “Weeds in My Roses” and “Have a Good Day,” both songs had the crowd singing along. This was another great performance at Sportsmens Tavern by Paul Thorn, and the way things go around Sportsmens, if you pack the place out and put on an amazing show for the people, you will be back for sure! Head over to iTunes and purchase Paul Thorn’s newest release “What The Hell is Going On?”

By Cody

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