Roger Waters:The Wall Live – June 21st 2012 – First Niagara Center – Buffalo, NY

This past Thursday (6/21/2012) Roger Waters brought his epic concert experience “The Wall Live,” to Buffalo, NY’s First Niagara Center. This was the second year in a row the tour was brought to Buffalo, and the place was close to sold out once again. This masterpiece of a concert experience is a must see for any Pink Floyd fan, or any music fan for that matter. During the show, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album is performed in its entirety, complete with Gerald Scarfe’s art from the 1982 film, projected onto the wall throughout. The intro, packed full of pyrotechnics, gets the show started off with a blast as Waters walks out and puts on his trademark leather trench coat, as they segue right into “In The Flesh?” performed by Roger. During “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)” a group of local school children were brought onto the stage to sing the chorus, as well as pointing and screaming at the Schoolmaster puppet, hung from the rafters above. Roger performs “Mother” on acoustic, as a huge mother puppet dangles off to the side, behind the wall, glowing red, and staring at the crowd. While all of this is going on, men in dark clothes and hammer arm-bands are building the wall, piece by piece, aided by hidden lifts on stage behind the wall. At the end of the first set, during “Goodbye Cruel World,” the final brick is laid, and the wall is completed. During setbreak, images of people lost in war all over the world, are projected onto the finished wall.

The second set begins with “Hey You,” performed with Roger and the band completely hidden by the wall. A few bricks are then removed as two guitarists, on acoustics, perform “Is There Anybody Out There?” That is followed by Waters portraying a scene from the film, as a hidden section of the wall folds out, and Roger sits and sings “Nobody Home” to the crowd, alone. During this second set, the projections on the wall become more and more amazing. From the heart-warming images of soldiers being reunited with their children during “Bring the Boys Back Home,” the Apple iPod themes skewed, and shown with world leaders during “Run Like Hell,” to the creepy, yet fitting animated worms during “Waiting for the Worms,” they really used the wall to its fullest potential. Of course, in usual Waters style, the inflated pig was released during “In The Flesh.” Followed around the arena with a spotlight, we saw the usual anti-establishment rantings written all over it, including the 1%, placed carefully on the pigs ass. Another notable highlight during those segments was “Comfortably Numb,” which found both guitar solos being played atop the wall by two different guitarists, spotlighted separately. During “The Trial,” the crowd begins to chant together loudly, “Tear down the wall, Tear down the wall,” and the climax finally happens. The Wall crumbles into rubble as strobing lights from behind it, and explosions are heard, leaving the hair undoubtedly raised on every single arm in the house. The band then heads back out on stage one by one, standing in front of the mostly tumbled wall, for “Outside The Wall.” Standing mostly with acoustic instruments, Roger Waters on Trumpet, and His son Harry Waters on Accordion, red confetti falls from the ceiling and the show comes to an end. Thus bringing to an end, the most amazing concert experience I have ever seen in my life. I recommend that ANYONE within driving distance of this tour, makes it a point to go and take it all in, you most definitely will not be disappointed! “The Wall Live” also features guitarists Dave Kilminster and Jon Carin as well as, GE Smith, most notably known for his roll in the “Saturday Night Live Band,” and as lead guitarist for Hall & Oates and Snowy White, who has worked with Pink Floyd and it’s members dating back to the 1977 Album, “Animals.” “The Wall Live” 2012 tour continues through July 21st, where it ends in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, with the biggest Wall of all time being constructed. The tour will then be reportedly retired for good, so make sure you catch it while you can!

By Cody

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