Matisyahu & The Dirty Heads – 7/26/12 – Town Ballroom – Buffalo, NY

Over the last few months, since the now infamous first picture of a clean shaven Matisyahu surfaced, we’ve heard all sorts of questions raised by fans. Does this mean Matisyahu has denounced his faith? Does this mean Matisyahu has sold out? Will he still bring the same energy he brought before the change? Will his shows suffer? Thursday night in Buffalo, before a completely sold out Town Ballroom, Matisyahu put some of those questions to rest. Warming up for the show last night were Nashville indie rockers Moon Taxi, supporting their newest album “Cabaret,” released in February 2012.

The Dirty Heads provided an amazing opening set, bringing their California rock-reggae sound to an eager sold out crowd. This was my first time seeing them, and they were beyond outstanding. They had the room rocking throughout the set, with the crowd singing along to many of the tunes played. Matisyahu came out and performed a song with the Heads shortly before the end of their set, it certainly lit the crowd up. Without a doubt, their newest effort “Cabin by the Sea” will be a mainstay on my iPod for some time to come.

When it was time for Matisyahu and his band “The Dub Trio” to take the stage, the lights went out, the intro started and the place was electric. He kicked off his set with “Crossroads,” a song from his latest album “Spark Seeker” released earlier this month. “Crossroads” seems to be a tale of his journey through life, and the changes he has had to make with himself. We heard many songs off of “Spark Seeker” Thursday, tunes like “Sunshine,” “Searching,” and “Fire of Freedom.” All three of which again express the trials of a man looking within, to free himself from whatever holds him back. The whole show was very inspirational. To see a man who has obviously changed the path of his life, be reborn in a sense, and seem genuinely happy and exploding with energy and positivity, was nothing short of awe inspiring. We also heard songs from his past albums like “King Without A Crown” off  “Shake Off the Dust… Arise” and “Open the Gates” off “Live at Stubb’s Vol. 2.” 

During the encore, Matisyahu performed “One Day” from 2006’s “Youth,” and brought a ton of people up from the crowd to share the stage for the song. What an awesome sight, and a great way to bring this amazing night of positivity to a close. Another great show at Buffalo’s premier concert venue, The Town Ballroom. Also, the show was broadcast live on “AXS TV” formerly HDNet. Each band has a new album out this year, you can pick each one up at iTunes, with links provided below.

By Cody

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