Yarn – September 13th 2012 – Sportsmen’s Tavern – Buffalo, NY

Last Thursday (9/13/12,) Yarn made another stop through Buffalo, again treating the crowd at Sportsmen’s Tavern to quite the night. It’s hard not to call Sportsmen’s Tavern the premier live music bar and grill in Buffalo today. Owner Dwane Hall, an accomplished musician in his own right, (having been inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 1997 with the band he founded “Stone Country Band,”) knows great musicians when he sees them, so great live music is found in abundance at Sportsmen’s, 7 days a week. The newly renovated Sportsmen’s has really taken on an amazing look, including the amazing new outside upper patio, and the kitchen is always serving great food throughout the night. I can not forget to mention, the sound in the place is absolutely on point always, showing great attention paid to every detail of a great intimate live music experience. Sportsmen’s is located on Amherst St. in the Blackrock Section of Buffalo, just a minute off of the Buffalo State exit on the 198.Coming off the heels of a pair of performances at the Catskill Chill Music Festival in Hancock, NY, one even dubbed “Yarn Plays Dead,” Yarn was primed to once again deliver an amazing show for Sportsmen’s. Yarn played 2 sets that night, and both were filled with outstanding tunes and some really awesome jamming between the whole band. In my opinion, really showing that Yarn spans much further than their “Alt-Country” moniker, and really is finding a home in the ever growing Jam Music Scene. In the first set we caught tunes like “Annie,” “Tennessee” and a slightly sped up version of “Down on Your Luck.” Some of the major highlights out of that first set were tunes like “Lies I’ve Told,” a deep song about singer/songwriter/guitarist Blake Christiana’s past, which found mandolin virtuoso Andrew Hendryx and lead guitarist Rod Hohl trading back and forth on some really killer solos. Also, “New York City Found” saw the whole band trading solos, but standing out most was the rhythm section of Rick Bugel on Upright Bass, and drummer Robert Bonhomme. Those two really find can a pocket and get down and dirty in those longer Yarn jams. We also got a killer version of “Abilene,” jammed out much longer than the album version, including a segue into a mindblowing “Dazed and Confused” jam, before returning to finish the tune. In the second set we heard tunes like “Fussin’ and a Fightin’,” “Bad, Bad Man,” and “Shoulda Known Better,” a brand new Yarn song played for the first time ever, for the lucky crowd at Sportsmen’s. We also heard a song titled either “Angel” or “Halo,” a song which started out with Blake solo, and Rod on harmonies, before the rest of the band joined to finish this “Church Song” as Blake called it. Drummer Robert Bonhomme had one more chance to really shine during “Turn The Light Off,” where he took off on a monstrous drum solo, really looking like a beast! For the unplanned encore, Blake, Rod and Robert came back on stage for an absolutely amazing cover of Paul Simon’s “Slip, Sliding Away.” Blake wasn’t even sure if the rest of his band would know the tune, but it came off pretty flawless, with a lot of the crowd singing along most every word. I really suggest getting out to Sportsmen’s Tavern to catch their wide variety of national and local music acts on a daily/nightly basis, the crew over there really never disappoints.

By Cody

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